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Hook for tipping bags (Big-Bag) for EURO frame


Price: от 340 usd.

  • standardized EURO fastener system;
  • hook height from the bottom of the EURO-frame — 1,5 m;
  • capacity 1,2 t;


  • Length/Width/Height — 1750/910/910 mm

  • Weight 90 kg

Produced by Dubovitsky Agricultural Machinery Plant.

Delivery, warranty, cash and bank transfer.

The container hook is equipped with a standardized European-type mounting system, which allows it to be used as a universal hook for any forklift with an EURO frame. The high load capacity of 1,2 tons is achieved by special design and selection of the strongest materials for its manufacture. The container hook is also quick to remove, because the EURO fastening system allows for easy removal and installation. The design of the hook is very well thought out and made of the highest quality materials, which will ensure good performance and a long service life. It can also be used for carrying other heavy objects because of equipping with an ear for attaching a rotating swivel hook. It is safe to say that this container hook will help you to move heavy objects well and quickly from place to place.